Foreign Counsel

Olamide Onajide

Olamide joined BOS’ Lagos office as a Foreign Counsel in September 2021. She acts as a Barrister and Solicitor in Lagos, under the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

Olamide’s primary areas of expertise include Commercial, Intellectual Property and Landlord and Tenant Disputes. During her time at BOS, she has already represented a large multinational property client in a landlord and tenancy dispute. Olamide balances her detail-oriented eye with an ability to apply a holistic and strategic lens to her work. Olamide often liaises with the Partners and overseas colleagues, completing and delegating tasks to help the firm reach their goal of providing practical and innovative solutions. Olamide brings a contagious enthusiasm to her work and the team.

Before joining BOS, Olamide worked as an Intellectual Property Associate at a boutique law firm in Nigeria from 2019-2020. She was involved in notable charity events, providing pro-bono legal advice to victims of the End Sars arrests in 2021. Following this, she volunteered at the Brent Citizenship Advice Bureau.

Olamide received her LLB from the University of Bristol. She then completed her LLM at King’s College London and her LPC at BPP University. Olamide also holds a BL qualification from the Nigerian Law School.

Olamide is fluent in Yoruba and demonstrates a sustained level of diplomacy in difficult situations. She is committed to providing an excellent legal service to various client needs, catering her skill and understanding to ensure a thorough solution can be created.